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Bankruptcy Services, Debt Consolidations and Proposals in North York, Ontario

Anyone can get into financial woes including those living in North York, but before your situation becomes dire, you should consult with Kevin Thatcher & Associates Ltd on the debt management options available to you.

North York has a somewhat suburban, spread out setting, though the suburban aspect is diminishing with the recent influx of condo developments. North York is situated to the north of Toronto, and has a population of about 650,000 people. It received its city charter on 14th February, St. Valentine’s Day; hence, the slogan “the City with Heart.” The city was officially amalgamated into the Metropolitan Toronto region, together with six other small municipalities in 1998.

North York has great accessibility for business purposes. One of the busiest sections of the freeway in North America traverses North York, with over 400,000 vehicles passing Highway 401 on its North York stretch. Additionally Finch station is the busiest TTC bus station, and sixth busiest subway station with daily ridership of around 100,000 people boarding the stop per day. The Sheppard Subway also averages around 55,000.

Debt Consolidation Services in NorthYork

Unfortunately, the convenience of public transit can make some sections in North York very expensive to live in for its multicultural residents. With less than 50 percent of its inhabitants being of Canadian origin, the cultural diversity of the area is evident. There are many different ethnic restaurants available, as well as a great multiculturalism in various events and festivals held year-round.

There are many employment opportunities in North York, including the numerous shopping centres, the magnificent Toronto Centre for the Arts, Black Creek Pioneer Village, and the Ontario Science Centre among others. The highly multicultural population, coupled with incredibly low unemployment rates, makes North York one of the best places to call home.

That said, financial woes can affect even the most careful spenders, and Kevin Thatcher & Associates can help to give you a fresh start when uncontrollable circumstances arise. Nobody intends to include bankruptcy as a part of their financial plan, but for some, it is the best option.

With the right financial advice, you can fully explore the options available to help you recover from your financial struggle. Every case is unique, and no situation is unfixable, provided you get timely, professional, and sound advice on your current financial position.

If you need a licensed insolvency trustee or help with debt consolidation in North York, visit the office of Kevin Thatcher and Associates today.

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