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Debt Consolidation and Bankruptcy Services in Mississauga, Ontario

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Mississauga is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, but a fast-paced life can also put a lot of strain on your finances, which is why you should explore available options to manage your finances by visiting Kevin Thatcher & Associates Ltd.

With an estimated population of 734,000 people from under 500,000 only a decade ago, the population is about twice what it was 25 years ago. About 50 percent of residents 1st language is not English and the rapid growth is attributed to its proximity to the City of Toronto.

Most of the Mississaugans, or ‘Saugans’ as they’re often referred to by their own residents, can be considered young, with only 8.5 percent being at the age of retirement. The fact that most of the population is of working age explains the recent first place ranking of Mississauga is a mid-sized city of the future by financial publication FDi Magazine. Mississauga also received a first place crowning in business friendliness, second place in economic potential, and fourth place in foreign direct investment and infrastructure strategy.

Why Mississauga is reliable for bankruptcy services?

The city is home to Canada’s busiest airport, The Toronto Pearson International Airport, and many corporate headquarters in Canada are based here, including 60 of the Fortune 500 companies. Some of the largest industries include aerospace, electronics and computers, banking and finance, transportation parts and equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

Money Sense magazine rated Mississauga as Canada’s 11th best city to reside in terms of prosperity, while Walk Score rated it the 4th most walkable large city in Canada. So what do all these numbers mean? That there’s a lot of potential to succeed in this city, no matter what your financial past looks like.

Debt consolidation services in Mississauga

All these features put together, make Mississauga one of the most diverse cities in Canada. People from all walks of trouble could find themselves in financial trouble, due to business failure, job loss, marital breakdown, or simple overspending. Fortunately, you can seek professional licensed insolvency trustee and debt consolidation services by visiting Kevin Thatcher & Associates Ltd in one of its two locations in Mississauga. These professionals will work with you to create an affordable payment plan that fits your budget.

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