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Debt Consolidation and Bankruptcy Services in Cambridge, Ontario

Cambridge is an exciting place to live, but it’s hard to enjoy the extent of your surroundings with lingering debt and poor credit weighing on your shoulders. Luckily, Kevin Thatcher & Associates is here to help.

Cambridge has moderate winters and summers, making it a comfortable place to settle down with your family, save for the occasional deep freeze and periods of high humidity. This city combines the charm of a small town with numerous cultural and recreational activities. Residents can enjoy arenas, indoor and outdoor pools, and theme parks like the African Lion Safari, which is home to over 10,000 exotic animals.

The City of Cambridge, nicknamed “The Bridge” for being home to some of the most historic bridges in the region, has experienced remarkable growth in recent years with Economic Developments projecting that the population density will hit the 180,000 mark by 2031. The pressure to thrive in the city of Cambridge may be quite high for some people, with the city being one of the fastest growing and strongest areas in Canada.

Debt Consolidation Services in Cambridge

With so many auto manufacturers and opportunities to rent and own a home in Cambridge, there is a lot of temptation to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. It’s easy to find yourself owning multiple credit cards with different interest rates that you need to maintain. However, due to unforeseen circumstances and the diversity of your debts, keeping up with your repayments can become a challenge. Instead of paying multiple minimum monthly payments on several bills at high rates, you could benefit a lot from an option that eliminates the high interest on your credit cards so you only pay back a percentage of what you owe.

Kevin Thatcher & Associates Ltd is committed to the financial success of Cambridge residents. Consolidating all your high interest loans could help you save on the amount of interest charged on your individual debts each month, speeding up your arrival at a debt-free life. Alternatively the associates at Kevin Thatcher can help you explore your options for bankruptcy or other avenues that would benefit your financial future.

Kevin Thatcher & Associates understand the importance of maintaining the best possible credit score, and they can help you get yours back on track. 

If you need a licensed insolvency trustee or help with debt consolidation, visit our Cambridge offices today.

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