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Debt Consolidation and Bankruptcy Services in Brampton

Home to many businesses and an extensive immigrant population, Brampton is one of the youngest and largest communities in Southern Ontario.

Named for an English market town in Cumbria, it was once known as the Flower Town of Canada thanks to a large greenhouse industry. However current economy has greatly expanded from its floral roots, thanks in part to the boom in urban sprawl during the late 1990s which turned this once small town into a thriving city.

Thanks to its proximity to Pearson Airport, Brampton is a popular base for many national and multinational corporations including Rogers Communications, Loblaw Companies Ltd, The Chrysler Canada Brampton Assembly Plant, and Canadian Tire Corp, just to name a few. The evolving business market has brought great opportunity to the region, but has also made the area an increasingly expensive place to live.

Debt Consolidation Services in Brampton

Getting into financial trouble is never a positive thing, but it can be managed with the right help. If you are feeling trapped by large amounts of credit card debt, don’t give up: Kevin Thatcher & Associates have the experience you need to consolidate your debts into a manageable payment plan which will help you achieve financial stability.

Residents of Brampton should contact our local office at their first sign of financial stress to see how we can help you get your feet back on solid ground.

Bankruptcy Services in Brampton

Many debtors feel overwhelmed by their debt load, but bankruptcy is not always the best solution.

While it is true that bankruptcy will free you of some debts, there can be serious consequences that must be considered before choosing this solution. In some cases it may be possible to ease your debt-load without sacrificing your credit rating or your assets.

If you are considering bankruptcy, the best course to take is to consult with the financial experts at Kevin Thatcher & Associates. Dedicated to finding the best solution for each customer, they have the experience to ensure you understand the benefits and consequences of bankruptcy so you can make an informed decision.

Contacting Kevin Thatcher & Associates

Whether you’re looking for bankruptcy help or debt consolidation, the professionals at Kevin Thatcher & Associates can help you regain control over your finances.

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