How to Save Money While Paying off Debt

Posted By  on Aug-12-2019
If you are having a hard time paying down your debts and staying within your budget you might be going about things the wrong way. When it comes to your finances, you have to make every effort to focus on paying down debt while creating a small cushion for unforeseen emergencies.  Read More

How to Talk to Your Family About Debt

Posted By  on Jul-12-2019
Being in debt is a very difficult situation to be in, and you may have trouble being open about your financial issues with your loved ones. In fact, millions of people suffer from debt or debt-related issues every year, with many not having anyone to share their financial burdens with.  Read More

Should You File for Business Bankruptcy?

Posted By  on May-15-2019
Contemplating commercial business bankruptcy is difficult and stressful. The majority of people have invested significant sums into and thousands of hours into their business and commercial business bankruptcy is on par with losing a loved one or facing a major illness when it comes to stress.  Read More

Bankruptcy After Retirement

Posted By  on May-01-2019
More and more seniors in Canada are filing for bankruptcy. A senior retirement bankruptcy proposal is an option many people over 60 are turning to in order to reorganize their finances and work out a realistic budget for the longer term. After all, life expectancy in the Western world is growing, and Canada is no exception.  Read More

How to Deal with Tax Debt

Posted By  on Apr-22-2019
Are you at the stage where you are ready to deal with tax debt? If so, you’re in a good place, even though it probably doesn’t feel like that. Some people take months to be prepared to face tax debt, while others bury their heads in the sand and refuse to deal with it.  Read More
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