Is Bankruptcy the Answer to Student Loan Debt?

Posted By  on May-24-2021
With tuition fees dramatically increasing over the past couple of years, student debt has become a pressing issue for many Canadians. Students are having to take out large loans for their education, and it can take years or even decades to pay off such a huge sum: about 67% of Canadians graduated with an average debt of over $22,000.  Read More

Debunking 8 Common Bankruptcy Myths

Posted By  on Apr-01-2021
The process of bankruptcy is a troubling time for any business or person. There’s so much information to understand and legal ramifications that come along with every step. This leads to a lot of misinformation being perpetuated, with different ideas and stigmas being associated with filing for bankruptcy.  Read More

Bankruptcy Counselling vs. Credit Counselling: ...

Posted By  on Mar-08-2021
Bankruptcy is a difficult time for you or your business and can greatly affect your financial goals. Expenses and debt add up and, before you know it, you’re ready to file for bankruptcy. What most people are not aware of is that every situation is unique, and filing for insolvency immediately may not be the best solution.  Read More

A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving Tax Debt

Posted By  on Feb-20-2021
Tax season will be approaching come April, and that can mean large tax bills. Tax debt is a common problem, and it is easy to get into if you’re not careful. Maybe you owe back taxes and can't afford to pay them back as yet? Perhaps you just forgot to file your taxes in time one year?  Read More

5 Tips to Creating a Debt Repayment Plan

Posted By  on Jan-16-2021
Whether you are over your head in credit card debt or several months behind in paying your bills, it can be overwhelming. Keeping track of multiple creditors and making many monthly payments is difficult, especially if you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere. You may not be able to see a way out. However, it doesn’t have to be like that.  Read More

What to Do if Your Business Needs Debt...

Posted By  on Jan-01-2021
Canadian debt levels are on the rise again according to Statistics Canada. Recent numbers show that the average Canadian owes $1.71 for every dollar they spend. Things don’t look much better for Canadian businesses. About 44 percent of businesses say they have reached their borrowing limit.  Read More
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